Project Conditions

  • Smallest lot on Lake Norman
  • Designed and built personally for the Architect

Design Objectives

  • Build a modern yet truly unique home
  • The objective from the builder was to bring to life the vision of the Architect
  • To design a home on a lot that was thought to be unbuildable for many years bur not for Titan
    Client Guidelines
  • Build a house placed perfectly on a challenging lot that was visually appealing while still maximizing the beautiful view of Lake Norman sunsets
  • Create an amazing home using unique design elements while staying in budget

Project Obstacles

  • This was a very complicated house to have such a small footprint (Foundation was less than 1⁄2” on each side of the side setbacks)
  • While the finished product is beautiful the cantilevered I-beams was a task for only a well seasoned builder.
  • Septic- The lot was so small the septic system had to be Engineered and State Approved- Design Engineer, Environmental County Inspector, Septic Designer, Septic Installer, State Maintenance Agreement Company, Architect, Homeowner and finally the Builder had a mandatory onsite meeting before commencement of work began.

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